Tap! Tap! Tap! An app to get you smiling!

Keep Smiling is a free iOS game where the user taps to maintain their smile. The longer the smile, the happier you are!


Wade Jeffree

Wade is an Australian Graphic Designer living in NYC. He believes a smile is and positive attitude are compulsory in life!


Michael Dijkstra

Michael designs interfaces and writes code to build digital products from the always sunny Sydney, Australia.


Jacob Heftmann

Jacob is a user interface designer based in, but never limited to, Brooklyn. He doesn't book return tickets.

Support / Comments

If you need help please e-mail info@playkeepsmiling.com and we will get back to you as quick as possible.

If you like to share thoughts, have experienced a bug, or have ideas how to improve KeepSmiling please write an e-mail at the said address. Thank you :)


To play the iOS version you will need an iPhone, iPad 2 (or later), iPhone 4S (or later) or an iPod 4 (or later). To play in multiplayer version you will need the same.

Do I always need to be connected to the internet to play?

Nope! Play anywhere!

Why is my language missing?

A smile is universal!

Is it free?




Official font Sponsor

Ten Dollar Fonts


Nicolo Bianchino

Sound Design

Charlie Van Kirk


Wade Jeffree 2014