Product Design
& Development

Over the years I have worked with a number of different small teams, as a freelancer, co-founder or employee; in design, development and product management roles.

I am drawn to working on products which solve real problems and know that most of the time you have to say no to 1,000 things in order to focus on solving something well.

While working I enjoy finding new ways of doing things and look to improve processes and build tools to improve my workflow.

I take every opportunity I can to work with like-minded people, so if you're working on something you think I might find interesting, let me know.

Selection of Work

  • Two Hands … Play Rock Paper Scissors with your friends on your iPhone.
  • Wevther for Web … Good products for today's weather, in your browser.
  • Wevther for iOS … Good products for today's weather, delivered to your iPhone.
  • Lumiae … The best way to have a piece of jewellery custom made..
  • Storyberg … agile product development with growth and engagement metrics.

  1. "Focusing is about saying no" - Steve Jobs (WWDC'97). If you haven't, watch the video.