Michael Dijkstra

Freelance Web and Mobile Developer

I design interfaces and write code to build web and mobile products from sunny Sydney, Australia.

My approach is simple: start by understanding the job-to-be-done and solve for this by sketching with paper and pencil, designing in code and continuously deploying. I believe a useful interface is more important than a beautiful interface and copywriting is design and needs to be included from the beginning.

I work best with small teams and strive to delight customers by building products that are simple and enjoyable to use.

Franke is a product I launched (with Jacob and Jake), Wevther is a side project and KeepSmiling is an iOS game that will make you smile.

I am currently taking on new freelance work so if you're working on something you think I might find interesting, get in touch.

Connect with me → @micdijkstra

See what I make → dijkstra.io/work

Review my code → github.com/micdijkstra

Read my thoughts → medium.com/@micdijkstra

Send me a (short) email → michael@dijkstra.io

  1. A job-to-be-done is the higher purpose for which customers buy products, services, and solutions. If you haven't already, watch the Milkshake story by Clayton Christensen.
  2. You can learn why "Copywriting is interface design" from Getting Real by 37signals.